Kalle Guinn

Editorial Assistant

A recent shift from business suit to chef coat has immersed Kalle into the culinary world head first. As the Pastry Sous Chef at Daniel Boulud’s db bistro moderne, she finds that every day brings a new food adventure. As an editorial assitant, she explores and shares the pleasures of food with our Gilded Fork readers. With a passion for cooking at an early age (and an attitude that, when she learned to swim at age 3, compelled her to dive into the cold pool without guidance or instruction) she cannot wait to see what will happen next. Trial by fire is how she prefers to explore the world and the only way she knows how.

Her palate’s favorite travel destination is France, where she studied in college.  Her study abroad photo album is riddled with photos of hanging meat, delectable desserts, glistening crusty breads, and vibrantly colored produce that she encountered while exploring her love for food and the beauty it brings to the world.  Yes, she was the geek with the camera who would bypass the marble statue to photograph the pastries and truffles.  Exploring food also means ranting and raving about food subsidies, nutrition, food monopolies, the portion explosion, and hunger.  When she is not ranting, raving or eating, she enjoys running, music, reading, and thinking about what to eat next. The conversation never ends, and that is the fun part.