In the Belly of the Beast

by Jennifer Iannolo

It’s amazing how one can be completely obsessed with the subject of food — from writing to crafting recipes to talking with chefs — and yet manage, in one’s personal life, to let the diet go completely haywire.

Granted, startup comes with its own special brand of circumstances, but upon discovering how awful I had started to feel as of late, I realized it was likely due to the fact that I wake up, grab some coffee and whatever is within easy reach (a cookie, perhaps?), then head to my computer. If I’m fortunate, 12 hours later I’ll remember that a meal *might* be a good idea. If it weren’t for my frequent restaurant meetings, I’m not sure a complete set of ingredients would find its way into my mouth.

A person cannot live this way, and such behavior is taking its toll. Though I’m happy to say that I weigh the lightest I have in years, my muscles have got to be in a complete state of atrophy, and I’m one tired puppy. So this morning I decided to bring a little bit (ok a lot) more consciousness to my nutrition and eating. I know that five small meals a day is much healthier and provides a steady supply of fuel, so I’m committed to working that in if I have to set a little buzzer.

It would also help if I left my desk once in a while. But that’s for another task list.

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