Ginger or Mary Ann?

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Normally, my answer would be Mary Ann, but this month, there’s no question: It’s all about the Ginger!

We’re exploring ginger in many forms and incarnations, and you’ll see us using ginger in seafood broth, desserts, and even cocktails.

One traditional use of ginger is in gari, or pickled ginger. The Japanese use it to cleanse the palate in between courses and with sushi, and in pickled form, it’s a wonderful digestive aid. Why purchase the pink-dyed ginger from the Asian market, full of artificial coloring and preservatives, when you can make your own so simply? Here’s a quick and easy recipe for gari:

Pickled Ginger

2 ounces ginger
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt, to taste

Peel and slice the ginger as thinly as possible. Combine the vinegar, sugar and salt to taste and bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Place the ginger in a bowl and pour the hot vinegar on top. Cover and allow to cool. Chill before serving.

The pickled ginger will keep in an airtight jar for several weeks.