Gilded Fork Cookbook Giveaway Oct 24

Gilded Fork Cookbook Giveaway Oct 24

Dinner party nightmares. We’ve all experienced them: Someone puts a plate down in front of you, or arrives at your door with a little “special something” to serve during the party. As good guests and hosts we try to oblige, but the gag reflex is in full effect and it’s all we can do to endure the experience.

Since it’s Halloween week, we’re delving into the realm of the scary with this week’s Gilded Fork Cookbook giveaway.

What’s the most frightening thing you have ever been served (or brought to serve) at a dinner party? Post your comments here, and the one that makes us cringe the most will be announced as the winner on Monday, October 26th.

Go to it!

P.S. If you’d rather not participate in this most disturbing display, you are welcome to purchase the cookbook (did we mention that every copy is signed by us?) in our Gilded Fork Boutique.

Also, to avoid being the source of said nightmares, we recommend said cookbook. We also have lots of recipes and entertaining tips here on Culinary Media Network.