Fall Fest: Apples

Fall Fest: Apples

Nothing quite says fall like apples. Except maybe pumpkins, but we’re not at that Fall Fest week on the calendar yet, so patience, Prudence.

The apple takes a lot of flack for being the fruit that led to the demise of Adam and Eve’s innocence, but we’d like to add that (a) it was more likely the tomato that did such work; and (b) we think they probably had a better time afterward.

For us, there is no greater temptation than a freshly baked apple resplendent with cinnamon and other spices, so we get it. In fact, we’ve included recipes for everything from soups to cocktails and dessert in this week’s roundup, so prepare your senses for a bit of “oh my, yes.”

Apples: The Seductive Fruit

Apple Cinnamon Empanadas
Apple Anise Pizza
Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding
Apple and Blue Cheese Tartine
Roasted Squab (or Cornish Game Hens) with Apple-Cinnamon Glaze.
Apple & Turnip Soup with Nutmeg Cheddar Breadsticks
Clove Spiced Champagne

Photo: Jaden Hair

Here’s what our other Fall Fest friends are cooking with apples this week. Go take a peek and leave a comment or recipe. You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #fallfood.

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Third-Prize Apple Pie

Each Wednesday for the rest of the fall, a group of blogging friends including those above will swap our recipes and tips about the following harvest-fresh ingredients. Here’s the schedule:

9/22 Spinach
9/29 Apples
10/6 Fall Salads
10/13 Pumpkin & Winter Squash
10/20 Pears
10/27 “Mad Stash”, aka what you’re canning, preserving, freezing for winter
11/3 Root Vegetables
11/10 Brassicas

We each post something and then link to one another, so that you can travel around the combined effort, gathering the goodies. Sharing makes the experience even better, so if you have a recipe or tip that fits any of our weekly themes, you can do either of the following:

  • Leave a comment on participating blogs with a link to your recipe/tip
  • Publish a post of your own, and grab the juicy Fall Fest 2010 badge (illustrated by Matt Armendariz of Mattbites)

We hope to see you in the kitchen!