Embrace: A Valentine Cocktail

Embrace: A Valentine Cocktail

Relive the traditions of eggs once given as a token of affection in this sensuous Advocaat liqueur creation. Experience the sweet muskiness of guavas, like a deep longing, and the boldness of red peppers that inspires us to embrace these intense emotions. Savor the slow silence…

1 serving


1 ½ ounces of Advocaat liqueur (see note below)
2 ounces of fresh guava juice (recommended cultivar: ruby or white indian)
1/3 ounce of mild red pepper citrus vodka

For the mild red pepper citrus vodka:
1 cup of citrus-flavored vodka
¾ cups (1-2 medium-sized) red peppers

Total: about 4 ounces per serving (guide for glassware)

[Mixologist’s note: Advocaat liqueur is an eggnog-like Dutch liqueur made with egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar, brandy and vanilla.}


Glass half of the Boston shaker
Juicer extractor
Utility knife and chopping board
Fine strainer or tea bag
Strainer (hawthorn)
Bar spoon
Empty glass bottle (17-23 ounces; to store red pepper citrus vodka)
Fancy crystal wine glassware (5-6 ounces; classic feel), for service


Chill the glassware and liqueur till ready for use.

Prepare the mild red pepper citrus vodka:
Cut the red pepper into quarters and remove the interior ribs together with the seeds. Dice into smaller bits, and measure ¾ cups into the blender. Add 1 cup of citrus-flavored vodka into the blender, and process till fine. Do not macerate pepper in vodka. Filter through fine strainer into the glass half of the Boston shaker, followed by funneling into the empty glass bottle. Chill in fridge.

Make the cocktail:
Juice the ripe whole guava fresh, cut into quarters or smaller depending on your juice extractor. Do not filter juice. Measure the required amounts of the above items into the glass half of the (washed) Boston shaker.

Top up (about ¾ full) with ice cubes, preferably with the largest possible ice cubes and stir with bar spoon for about 10 seconds till well chilled. Using the hawthorn strainer, pour the mixture into the glassware.

[Mixologist’s notes: 1 ounce is equivalent to 30 milliliter (ml), 1/3 ounce is equivalent to 10 milliliter (ml), 1/2 ounce is equivalent to 15 milliliter (ml); 3/4 cup is equivalent to 180 milliliter (ml), 1 cup is equivalent to 240 milliliter (ml). The interior ribs and seeds of the red pepper are the hottest parts, which this recipe wants to avoid. The middle section of the guava, including the seeds, is the sweetest, while the rind is slightly bitter.]

Serve immediately.

Recipe and photo by Damian Sim


Advocaat, the Dutch egg yolk liqueur, reflects this month’s theme of eggs, which were traditionally given as a token of love during the Easter celebrations in 9th Century European courts. A classic crystal glass has been chosen as the ideal vessel for the sensuous creation of “Embrace.”

The sweet muskiness of guavas evokes deep longing, and together with the hot passion of the red pepper, inspire bold action to embrace these intense emotions. The pepper adds a green freshness while it features subtlely in the finish with a mild burning sensation.

In the end, “Embrace” occasionally surprises with fleeting moments of deeper notes again. Perhaps we may experience a slow silence in these transient experiences…