Consulting Services

As new media content producers, we’re in the trenches of this dynamically changing landscape each and every day. In addition to creating the world’s first podcast channel in 2006, we also published the first social media-driven cookbook. And we’ve been doing that Twitter thing since 2007, when it was just us geeks.

Our commitment to leveraging the power of digital media also extends to the industry at large, and as members of the Advertising Standards Committee for the Association for Downloadable Media, we helped to craft new standards that will help to solidify the medium as a tangible source for content producers and advertisers alike.

We have assisted our clients in launching premium brands with the development of web sites and online multimedia, and led large companies with a traditional media mix to achieve significant cost savings and reach through the use of new media advertising. After a complimentary consultation with your to review and discuss your objectives, we can customize an approach that best suits your need and budget.

Our scope of capabilities includes:

  • New media marketing strategy and execution, including social media
  • Audio and video production, distribution and marketing
  • Brand consulting and development
  • Web site development and marketing
  • Menu creation and development

Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation at (347) 688-3637 or

New & Social Media Consulting

With the wave of developments rapidly defining (and redefining) the digital realm, there are lots of “social media experts” popping up on the radar. We invite you to choose carefully, as social media is useful, but it is part of the larger marketing mix.

In consulting with our clients, we first approach objectives from the big picture, then see where new and social media can best be put to use as tools to achieve those goals.

Blog & Web Site Design

If you aren’t on the web, you’re invisible, whether you have a small business or an award-winning restaurant. You probably know that already.

We want to make it wasy for you to establish yourself on the web and communicate your message, whether it’s through your web site, blog, Twitter, Facebook or any number of tools being used every day by your target consumers. All of that might seem daunting at first, but the good news is that platforms like WordPress are crafted with tools to help you master all of these media outlets pretty quickly.

Whether your site just needs a slight makeover or needs to be built from scratch, we’ve created a range of prices for sites and blogs ranging from low-cost to highly customized designs, all of which come with a tutorial so you can maintain the site with ease after it goes live. Please contact us for details.

Audio & Video Production

Web-based media offers myriad options for companies looking to convey brand messaging and imagery in a powerful way. We are able to produce customized, long-tail audio and video series from concept to final edits incorporating branding into compelling content that engages the audience.

Case Study: Partida Tequila

Objective: Educate consumers about fine tequila and dispel common image of “lick it, slam it, suck it” frat-party association
Methodology: Created On the Tequila Trail video mini-series featuring broad range of tequila information
Distribution: Culinary Media Network, Partida Tequila site, YouTube and other leading web-based video sites

The Soul of Tequila: Tequila’s history, production, interview with Don Enrique Partida
Rocks, No Salt – Luscious Tequila Cocktails: How-to cocktail video with master mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout
Sip It, Don’t Slam It: How to sip fine tequila, flavor profiles
Tequila Re-Education: Man-on-the-street Q&A about tequila myths and truths
At the B.A.R.: Footage from bartender conference featuring the nuances of fine tequila

Food & Wine Consulting

We have worked inside the kitchen and out with some of the world’s greatest chefs, so we have a unique, intimate view of the food industry from a number of perspectives. Our broad range of knowledge encompasses strategic development from large-scale event production to individual menu planning. Some of our past work includes:

  • Bon Appetit Wine & Spirits Focus
  • James Beard Awards Gala Receptions
  • Taste of the Nation
  • Grassroots marketing for Pepsi-Cola and its associated brands
  • U.S. Personal Chef Association National Conference
  • Complexions Dance Company Awards Gala

We also frequently participate in focus groups, lead workshops and seminars for events like PodCamp and the US Personal Chef Association annual conference.


  • Visa USA
  • Partida Tequila
  • Maitres Cuisiniers de France
  • Restaurant Jean-Louis
  • US Personal Chef Association
  • Colangelo & Partners Public Relations
  • Diageo
  • DiPalo Selects
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Barilla
  • Folger’s Gourmet Select
  • Go Daddy
  • Capsouto Freres
  • Speck/Asiago Consortia