Off to Scotland with Mum

Join me on a real-time (I hope!) journey to trace my roots in Bonnie Scotland — with Mom in tow!

Video: Chef Tom Lewis Cooks!

This Chef is so cheeky, he even SERVED us tongue & cheek!

FP84: Scottish Chef Tom Lewis

Chef Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor introduces me to tongue (oh, behave) & the joy of Scotch…

Roast Venison: A Classic Scottish Recipe

Jennifer discovered this recipe in her Scottish grandmother’s cooking notes, which though yellowed with age, still have a powerful ability to inspire visions of flavor.

For the Love of Archibald

I wasn’t sure what to expect gastronomically from my pilgrimage to Scotland. I had hoped there would be some form of cuisine that was not saturated in starch (this was the land of the deep-fried Mars bar, after all). What I did not expect to find was a talented Italian cook. His name is Archibald […]

A Trip to the Chippy

I knew it would be a challenge to maintain my low-carb regimen while in Scotland, especially given that most menus comprise battered protein and starch with a side of peas. However, I was not about to blow a 13-lb. weight loss. At least, this was my frame of mind before I discovered the glory of […]

Off to the Land of Haggis

Well, there’s no turning back now. The tickets have been purchased and the relatives warned. Brother Gargantua will not be traveling with us to Scotland, so the Queen has released the emergency stockpile of food. We received a lovely letter from her. I can’t believe it has taken me 32 years to visit the land […]