ReMARKable Palate #227: Christmas Food Traditions

On this week’s show, Jennifer and I discuss our family holiday traditions, and what it was like growing up making our favorite holiday foods. I grew up in New Mexico, and talk about my love of posole, tamales, and biscochitos, and Jennifer talks about making both lasagna and Cloutie Dumpling for Christmas growing up in an Italian and Scottish household!

Theme Song: “Go Fish”, by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network.

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FP86: Scottish Chef Jason Henderson

During our trip to Scotland, Jennifer sat down with Chef Jason Henderson from Knock Castle to talk food and the art of fine service.

RP210: Chef Tom Lewis from Scotland’s Monachyle Mhor

Chef Tom Lewis and I talk about his approach to food while on a mushroom foraging adventure!

Quick Bites Scotland: Mhor Fish

Our kooky day with Chef Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor continues, as we pay a visit to his Mhor Fish location

Quick Bites Scotland: Mushroom Foraging

On the way into town from Monachyle Mhor, Chef Tom Lewis jumped out of the van to grab some chanterelles.

Quick Bites Scotland: Moulin Brewery

Chef Mark gets to sample Braveheart Ale at the Moulin Brewery in Pitlochry, Scotland!

Quick Bites Scotland: Culloden & The Highlands

Jennifer returns with her mother to the site of the historic battle of Culloden, which has important meaning to her family

Quick Bites Scotland: Loch Fyne Whiskies

we stop in to Loch Fyne Whisky Shop to discover their unique collection of single malts

Knock Castle: Princess for a Night

When I think of romantic, bucolic settings, Knock Castle in Crieff, Scotland is what I picture in my mind’s eye.

Quick Bites: Scottish Breakfast

We tuck in to a good traditional Scottish Breakfast in Inverary

Scotland: A Homecoming

I’ve done a wee tour of the Scottish highlands with me mum, and found out that her family is kind of a big deal.