FPV20: Singing Chef Dan Daniell

Food Philosophy Video #20: Singing Chef Dan Daniell I’ll bet you don’t know of many chefs with their own music videos. Meet Dan Daniell, the singing chef from Switzerland, who treated us to a meal as tasty as his tunes. You can see him singing from his restaurant kitchen at:http://www.dandaniell.ch/ Music: Beau Hall (http://www.beaurocks.com/) Food […]

Swiss Wine Video

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CMN – RPV28: Swiss Wines

ReMARKable Palate Video #28: Swiss Wines We speak with representatives from 3 different regions in Switzerland, learning about the unique wines of this small, mountainous country. We learn about the wines of Lake Geneva from Beat Dreier of Geneva Tourism, The Matterhorn Region from Bruno Huggler, and the Vaudois from Francois Michel. Music: “Go Fish” […]