Food Philosophy #62: Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Food Philosophy #62: Authentic Mexican Cuisine Drop the chalupa! At least the one you think you know is an actual chalupa. When Chef Mark and I wrapped up shooting of our new On the Tequila Trail series, we headed to La Tequila restaurant in Guadalajara with our friends from Partida — and got a taste […]

On the Tequila Trail #1: The Soul of Tequila

Join Chef Mark and Jennifer as they explore the Amitatan Valley of Jalisco, Mexico to discover the true soul of tequila.

Scenes from the Road

Well, we are home again as we rest up for the next trip, but we decided to capture a little slice of life on the road. P.S. Did you know that the airport in Dallas/Ft. Worth sells iPods in a vending machine? Gnarly. As you can see, I’m always in high glamour no matter what […]

A Taste of Mexico

Well, we’re wrapping up our trip to Guadalajara, and I have to say that I’ve tasted some incredible flavors over the past few days. Our hosts were kind enough to take us for some authentic Mexican cuisine, and I must tell my fellow gringos that you don’t know what you’re missing! Take the chalupa as […]

Off to Mexico…

I feel like I just un-packed, but I am now re-packed for our jaunt to Mexico. Chef Mark and I are off to shoot a custom series that we’ll talk about very soon, and we’re rather excited about it. We shall taste, drink and shoot our way through the environs of Guadalajara and the Jalisco […]

Avocados: Nature’s Butter

We’ve always loved the texture and flavor of avocado, but the sassy origin of its name takes it to a whole new level for us.

Rosca Rey de Reyes Tropical al Café (Three Kings Tropical Bread with Coffee)

Thumbnail image for Rosca Rey de Reyes Tropical al Café (Three Kings Tropical Bread with Coffee)

Rosca Rey de Reyes, or Rosca de los Reyes, is eaten in México, Puerto Rico, and Portugal on Twelfth Night (January 6th), celebrated in the Catholic religion as the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem bearing gifts for Jesus of Nazareth.