RP195: Slow Food in Piemonte

Chef Mark meets several people involved in Slow Food, which got it’s start in Piemonte

Chef Mark’s Quick Bites: Piemonte

A few quick videoblogs from Chef Mark’s trip to Piemonte

Video: Brunello Luncheon

Chef James Staiano prepares dishes to pair with the 2004 vintage of Brunello di Montalcino.

RP174: Italian Holiday Treats with Divina Cucina

Judy Witts Francini, of Divina Cucina in Tuscany, shares the holiday foods of Siena and Firenze.

RP170: Balsamic Vinegar

This week, we speak with 2 experts in Balsamic Vinegar: Christina Crotti from Il Borgo del Balsamico and Cesare Mazzeti of the Consorzio Balsamico

Video: Making a Sicilian Cassata

While in Palermo, Sicily, we were treated to a gala dinner in a medieval palazzo. For dessert, the chef showed us how to make a classic Sicilian dessert, the Cassata.

Video: Exploring Palermo’s Capo Market

Jennifer and Chef Mark explore the stalls of Capo Street Market in Palermo, Sicily

Video: Tasting Sicilian Olive Oil Part 2 – Planeta

Chef Mark is joined by Penny Murray of the Planeta Estate in Sicily, who describes the qualities of their 3 olive oils, and their unique process for extracting the oil from their olives.

Video: Tasting Sicilian Olive Oil Part 1 – Mandranova

Jennifer learns the proper way to smell and taste olive oil from Sylvia di Vincenzo of the Mandranova Estate in Sicily.

Fork in the Road Sicily

Highlights from our trip to Sicily with GRI, the Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani.

Video: SpeckFest

We visit SpeckFest, the Annual festival celebrating Speck, a cured ham product of the SudTirol-Alto Adige region of Northern Italy.