RP185: Savoring Savour

Chef Mark savors some of the great food on offer at Halifax’s annual Savour Food & Wine Festival

Savour Food & Wine Festival

Our latest culinary adventure in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Savour Food & Wine festival

Dinner at The Five Fishermen

We kicked off our tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia with a tasting dinner at The Five Fisherman

Savour Food & Wine Show, Halifax

CMN will be covering the festivities at this great party in Halifax, February 26th!

Video: Shucking Scallops

Jennifer learns how to Shuck Scallops, or as the locals say, “Shock Scollops”.

Video: Lunenburg Sausage & Mussels with Chef Rick

Chef Rick Ogilvie shows us how to make Sausage & Mussels in Nova Scotia.

Video: A Taste of Nova Scotia

Jennifer and Chef Mark discover the many culinary delights of Nova Scotia!

Quick Bites: Vines and Grinds

We have some fun playing around among the vines at Gaspereau Vineyards, then enjoy lunch at Le Caveau Restaurant at Domaine de Grand Pre Vineyards. That’s SOME pepper!

Quick Bites: Tantric Chocolates!

Jennifer discovers Tantric Chocolates at Sugah! in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What’s better than Sex and Chocolate?

Video: How to Make Lobster Rolls

Chef Mark is joined by Chef Alain Bosse from Taste of Nova Scotia, who shows us how to make a simple yet sumptuous lobster roll.

RP148: The Foods of Nova Scotia

Chef Mark speaks with Pam about the foods of Nova Scotia