Feels like Fall Friday: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Madeline Shores

Here in the east, summer is transitioning into fall. Cool weather, nice breezes, and maybe even a yellow leaf or two floating around. Although fall is officially a week away, we’re ready to start our ovens and drink pumpkin beer! Are you?

I guess puff pastry isn’t that hard to make after all… How to Make Puff Pastry (The Cookbook Chronicles) Twitter: @lornayee

One of my favorite food bloggers visits one of my favorite breweries. The Dogfish Head Brewery (Macheesmo) Twitter: @Macheesmo

Should you date someone who doesn’t love food? Bad-Palate Breakups (CHOW) Twitter: @CHOW

An unlikely yet delicious pairing. When Cantaloupe Marries Tomatoes (Foodalogue) Twitter: @Foodalogue

Finally, a cooking guide you can wear without fear of it getting dirty! Upside Down Apron with Cooking Guide (Baking Bites) Twitter: @BakingBites

Photo: The Cookbook Chronicles

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