Factual Friday: This Week’s Blog Roundup

by Madeline Shores

Get ready to learn (again)! Here’s this week’s best news and advice from the food bloggers. Cookbooks, crustaceans, cheese. Yum.

Until I watched Julie & Julia, it never occurred to me that most people have never cooked a lobster. How to Cook and Eat Lobster (SimplyRecipes) Twitter: @SimplyRecipes

I’m a huge book nerd but I don’t love this list. What do you think? The best 50 cookbooks of all time (Observer Food Monthly)

Another reason to idolize Steven Slater. Blue Moon: Flight Attendant Steven Slater’s Beer of Choice (Eater) Twitter: @Eater

So many of us eat them, but so few of us know how to create one. The Art of a Cheese Plate (Nomadic Foodie) Twitter: @GracekBoyle

Compostable equals deafening. Don’t try to sneak these anywhere. The Loud SunChips Bag (CHOW) Twitter: @CHOW

Speaking of sneaking, do you take sushi to the movies? Meal Time (Inside Chelsea) Twitter: @ChelseaHandler

We’ve all wondered and never asked. Why straws make the drink better (Fine Cooking) Twitter: @TheFoodGeek

The sad effect the internet has on recipes. How [NOT!] to Cook a Great Tasting Steak: 7 steps (A Hunger Artist) Twitter: @BobdelGrosso

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