As the Cookie Crumbles

by Jennifer Iannolo

Just to be certain, I recrafted and tweaked my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe one last time before publishing it in this week’s update. I still haven’t perfected the gooey factor, which is exasperating, but perhaps by inviting others to make it we can arrive at a gooey destination. I’m very pleased with the level of spice and other flavors, but the damn gooeyness just escapes me. Truth be told, the texture I’m seeking is inspired by a cookie I used to buy from Au Bon Pain when I worked in Manhattan; I’m fairly certain said texture was provided by loads more sugar than I use, but since I only make them once or twice a year, I’m content with accepting the caloric burden.

And so the quest for goo continues. What an appropriate week for it. The recipe will be published on Wednesday, so get your cookie sheets ready.

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