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This week we explore the state of independent music. I pull some tracks from the web and we have some fun. You’ll hear some bands you know and many you don’t know. It’s our twice annual dip into musical fun. Thanks for joining us and we’ll be back next week with more news and opinion on the state of food.



This Week in Food #262: Winter Music

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This week we go all music. I picked out some rockin’ tunes for you to enjoy in the new year. Have fun and we’ll be back to food next week. Thanks for listening.

This Week in Food #236: Summer Music

Chef Tom spins his yearly Summer Music show!

CHIC210: Happy New Year Music!

Chef Tom takes a break from food and does his annual winter music show!

CHIC183: Summer Music

Chef Tom starts the summer off right with some music to “soothe the savage beast”

CHIC157: Winter Music

Here’s some food related tunes for you to enjoy on your Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

CHIC131: Summer Music Podcast

Sometimes you just have to take some time out to listen to some music. This year I dip into the bag of music to bring you what I’m listening to. Podshow has attracted some very up and coming bands. Secret Machines, British Sea Power and Midlake are newly added to the roster. They are […]