CHIC Podcast #184: Old-fashioned French Foods

In cooking school we make many dishes that have hard to pronounce names. Sometimes they don’t even have recognizable counterparts here in the states. Today I explore some of the weirder parts of French cooking that are quite delicious. I talk about croque monsieur and croque madame, the financier, croquembouche and many more. I can just taste the duck confit now. Stay with me, have fun and thanks for listening.


RP192: Beaujolais Cru Tasting with Georges DuBoeuf

I attend a special sneak preview tasting of 18 wines led by Georges DuBoeuf

RP186: The Bordeaux Wine Experience

I speak with Ronald Rens from The Bordeaux Wine Experience at

CPN – ReMARKable Palate Podcast #100

ReMARKable Palate #100: Bastille Day 2007 I take you along as I join the Bastille Day festivities with Ariane Daguin and our friends at D’Artagnan as they host a petanque festival in Bryant Park, pitting many French Restaurateurs against each other in a “Boule-a-thon”. Then we head downtown to Lower Manhattan and join Phillipe Lajaunie […]

Morilles à la Crème (Morels in Cream Sauce)

Thumbnail image for Morilles à la Crème (Morels in Cream Sauce)

This dish is a classic French morel preparation found in Périgord and Lyon. Here we’ve turned the dish into an appetizer by placing the morels and cream sauce in puff pastry shells, which though easy to prepare will offer an impressive introduction to your feast.