Ingredient Profiles

We like playing in our test kitchen. The geekery is at its finest when we’re researching ingredients: their history, uses in cooking and unique qualities. Then we get to play with them.

Below is a full listing of the ingredients we’ve featured so far, from apples to zucchini. If you’re looking for our posts in chronological order, keep on scrolling. Now go play in the kitchen!

Note: You can peruse our full recipe list to see what we did with all those ingredients.

Apples: The Seductive Fruit
Artichokes: The Ultimate Finger Food
Avocados: Nature’s Butter
Baby Vegetables: The First Flavors of Spring
Basil: A Basil Primer
Basil: Uniquely Common
Beets: Just Beet It
Berries: Naked Deliciousness
Bread: The Wonder of Bread
Cardamom: Heaven’s Scent
Caviar: An Endangered Pleasure
Champagne: Cause for Celebration
Cheese: The Cheese Course
Chestnuts: The Taste of December
Chocolate: Savory Chocolate
Chocolate: The Sweetest Indulgence. Or Not.
Cilantro: Herb with an Attitude
Cocktails: Cocktails, Anyone?
Coffee: Not Just for Beverages
Corn: Sweet Versatility
Cranberries: Beyond Thanksgiving Dinner
Cream: Creamy Delights
Fennel: Fabulous Fennel
Figs: A Feast of Figs
Fish: A Culinary Quandary
Foie Gras: The Art of Foie Gras
Game Meats & Birds: Game for a Taste
Garlic: The “Stinking Rose”
Ginger: The Feisty Rhizome
Honey: Oh, Honey…
Hors d’Oeuvres: Little Bites of Heaven
Lamb: Spring…Lamb
Lavender: Sweet Blooming Lavender
Lemongrass: Perfumed Allure
Lemons: Pucker Up, Sweetheart
Lobster: The Sophisticated Crustacean
Mascarpone: Mellow Mascarpone
Morels: Mmmorels
Nutmeg: The Stirring Spice
Olive Oil: The Golden Elixir
Oranges: The Taste of Sunshine
Peaches: Summer’s Sweet Signature
Pears: Pear-Luscious September
Pecans: Nuttin’ Like ‘Em
Peppers: Taste the Rainbow
Port Wine: Any Port in a Storm
Pumpkins: Into the Pumpkin Patch
Root Vegetables: Hidden Jewels of the Harvest
Rosemary: The Scent of Inspiration
Sage: Sensually Satisfying Sage
Salmon: In the Pink
Seafood: The Taste of the Sea
Shrimp: America’s Favorite Seafood
Spinach: An Unexpected Indulgence
Stone Fruit: Drupey Drawers of Goodness
Summer Squash: Delicious & Nutritious
Sweet Potatoes: Tasty Tubers
Tarragon: The Sweet Taste of Spring
Tea: Tea Time
Tomatoes: A Tomato Primer
Tomatoes: The Tomato Parade
Truffles: The Truffle Hunt
Turkey: Talkin’ Turkey
Vanilla: Vivacious Vanilla
Winter Squash: A Must for Fall

Winter Squash: A Must For Fall

Thumbnail image for Winter Squash: A Must For Fall

We love it when the air gets crisp, the leaves crunch under our feet and the fall colors radiate throughout the atmosphere.

Into the Pumpkin Patch

Thumbnail image for Into the Pumpkin Patch

History, picking and cooking. We’ve got all the important details here — including some ridiculously good recipes to kick off autumn’s splendor.

Corn: Sweet Versatility

Thumbnail image for Corn: Sweet Versatility

If it weren’t for corn, the American settlers likely would have starved to death, so we owe the cob a little tip of the hat.

Spinach: An Unexpected Indulgence

Thumbnail image for Spinach: An Unexpected Indulgence

When carefully selected and prepared, spinach has a fresh, crisp texture and slightly bitter taste that are both refreshing and enticing.

Chocolate: The Sweetest Indulgence. Or Not.

Thumbnail image for Chocolate: The Sweetest Indulgence. Or Not.

Chocolate has been touted as an aphrodisiac for many a century, on many a continent. While there is likely some truth to the legend, perhaps much of it is a fanciful excuse for treating ourselves to this decadent taste of heaven, savory or sweet.

Game Meats: Game for a Taste

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You no longer need to be an avid hunter — or an incredibly adventurous eater — to enjoy the taste of game at your home table.

Seeded Rye Bread

Thumbnail image for Seeded Rye Bread

Jennifer could not resist sharing her favorite bread recipe with us. Also known as New York Rye or Jewish Rye, the scent is so overwhelmingly mouthwatering that many eager noses have been burned just trying to get a whiff.

Bread: The Wonder of Bread

Thumbnail image for Bread: The Wonder of Bread

As with most skills worth learning, bread baking requires a dedicated piece of your time.

Sweet Potatoes: Tasty Tubers

Thumbnail image for Sweet Potatoes: Tasty Tubers

What should I do with this oddly shaped dirty looking thing that grows in the ground?

Fall Fest: Bodacious Brassicas

Thumbnail image for Fall Fest: Bodacious Brassicas

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking “what the heck is a brassica?” It’s more familiar than you think.

Fall Fest: Root Vegetables

Thumbnail image for Fall Fest: Root Vegetables

Ah, root vegetables. They are veritably the crown jewels of harvest, though often relegated to root cellars and dark places.